CONGRATS 🎉to our (10) Pinecrest band students who performed today in the All District Bands at UNC Pembroke.

Fabulous job by everyone 👏
We are so proud of you all!!!

SENIOR High School Band:
Gavin Armstrong
Austin Aponte
Ryan Hoag
Chris Schaefer
Jason Wise

High School Band:
Camille Armstrong
Ethan Spain
Kira Ciman
Nora Waters
Reece Pazko

39th Annual Brick Capital Classic Grand Champions

39th Annual Brick Capital Classic  🏆
The Marching Patriots performed in class AAAA:

Visual Ensemble: 1st Place
Drum Major: 1st Place
Percussion: 1st Place
Generell Effects: 1st Place
Marching: 1st Place
Music: 1st place

Rating: superior !!!!!!!
Placement: 1st place in AAAA

OVERALL percussion Award goes to Pinecrest!
Highest OVERALL score in music!


39th Annual Brick Capital Classic

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