Marching Band

The Pinecrest Marching Patriots Band is one of the biggest collection of students in the school. It consists of one class a day and after school practices.

The Marching Band performs at all home football games as weather permits  and goes to competitions at other high schools almost every weekend in September and October. So whether you want to play an instrument or twirl flags in the color guard, there is always room for more in our great big band family.

Concert Band

For the longest time, Concert Band at Pinecrest High School has only had classes available in the spring semester. But now, there will be one Concert Band class held in the fall semester as well. If students are interested in the spring concert band season, they must have participated in either marching band class or the fall concert band class.

The concert band class consists of learning new pieces of music for concerts, going to Music Performance Adjudication or MPA, and progressing on subjects such as sight reading and music history. If you are willing to learn and work hard in a fun and welcoming environment, sign up today for a Concert Band class.

Pep Band

The Pep Band season starts shortly after the football season ends. Pep Band plays in the gymnasium for our basketball team here at Pinecrest. It is a small ensemble full of participants of the marching band who wants to play for and support our sports programs even more.

If you enjoy the Marching Band, then Pep Band is a great way to get to know better the members of our Patriot Band. And our basketball team isn’t bad to watch either. It is a great new program added only just last year and is expected to grow as our band does, so come join us in support!

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is not an offered class at Pinecrest, but a club of sorts. Students are asked late in the fall semester to try out for Mr. Cottrell if interested in joining.

The Jazz Band consists of trumpet, trombone, saxophone, upright bass, and guitar players; as well as a pianist and a percussionist. Practices are held before school every Tuesday and Thursday as schedules allow and perform at the Spring Concert with the Concert Band. They also do work in the community, such as playing at retirement homes and the Grand Re-opening of Lowes Foods. If you have a love for jazz, bebop, or swing music, or learning about its history, come try out!