Attention Parents & Students: Important Message from Mr. Creech!

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Dear Parents and Students,

I hope that I am finding you during a very restful and rejuvenating summer! I am extremely excited about the upcoming marching season, as I am sure that you are as well. I have a few reminders as well as some new information for everyone who will be participating in the marching band program, including both parents and students. Following are some important dates for the beginning of the season:

June 15 & 16, 9:00am-noonDrumline Mini-camp: ALL DRUMLINE MEMBERS MUST ATTEND. During this camp we will cover fundamental drumline skills and go over some music specific to the percussion section. Additionally, we will use these camps to determine your drum assignment for the upcoming season.

June 17, 22, & July 1, 9:00am-noonMarching Fundamentals Intro/Refresher: ALL MEMBERS MUST ATTEND at least TWO(2) of THESE DATES. During these morning sessions we will provide instruction on basic marching fundamentals for new and returning members. This will provide a low stress introduction or reintroduction to these essential skills.

June 24 1-3:30pm and June 29 & July 22, 9:00am-noonMusic Rehearsal: ALL MEMBERS MUST ATTEND at least TWO(2) THESE DATES. During these music rehearsals we will be working on the technical elements, musical elements, and memorization of the show music. We will utilize full band rehearsals and sectionals during this time.

June 16, 23, 30 & July 7, 21, 4:00-6:00pmColorguard Practice: This is a continuation of the colorguard rehearsals that begin in the Spring. Mrs. Barnes will advise members of any adjustments to this schedule.

July 27, 9:00-noonRookie day: ALL FIRST YEAR MEMBERS MUST ATTEND both band and color guard. During this camp we will review fundamental marching skills and provide an opportunity for new members to become acclimated to the marching band environment. If you are not a first year member, you do not come to Rookie Camp.


June 17 & July 26, 1:00-3:30pmLeadership Candidate Workshop/Work Sessions: ANY MEMBERS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN BEING SELECTED FOR A LEADERSHIP POSITION MUST ATTEND. We will discuss leadership skills, discipline protocol, expectations for our Marching Patriot leaders, techniques for running sectionals and field rehearsals, types of leadership roles, camp prep, etc. It is highly encouraged that all leadership candidates make efforts to attend all Summer activities. It is understood that there will be conflicts, but please communicate with Mr. Creech about your participation.

July 28- August 6, (Weekdays only) 9am-3:30pmBand Camp: ALL MEMBERS MUST ATTEND. During marching band camp we will develop our fundamental marching band skills, discuss protocol, and focus work on our competition field show and music. **Please note- Both Fridays will be 9am-12pm due to MCS summer operating hours**

August 5, 6:00pmMarching Band Meeting– Come meet other marching band parents, find out about what we do, and how you can help. There are a wide variety of opportunities for parents to volunteer and we need lots of help to make the band as successful as possible. We will discuss what you can expect for the upcoming season. We will meet in the PHS Band Room or Auditorium.

August 12 & 19, 5:30-7:30Night Practice– These rehearsals are vitally important to continue our progress as we lead up into the school year. We have a number of performances at the beginning of the season, and we must work during these days in order to be prepared.

After-School Practice

Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday-4pm-5:30pm

Every week from the time school starts until the end of marching season.

Friday nights during marching season – Football games, the tentative games are: 8/27, 9/10, 9/24, 10/1, & 10/15. These games could be subject to change due to changes in the football schedule. We may also travel to the away games located in our county. If the team makes the playoffs, we will perform at any home playoff game.

All Saturdays during late September, all of October– The band will compete in three competitions, a schedule will be decided by the start of school. Please reserve the Saturdays listed below until a firm schedule is finalized.

** Possible Competition Dates: 9/25 (Band Fest), 10/2, 10/16, 10/23, & 10/30


Our band operates on a “Fair Share” plan for the budget. Each child is responsible for contributing $325.00. This will cover dry cleaning, bus fees, competition entrance fees, and other expenses incurred by the marching band group. Families may choose to pay the fees outright, use fundraisers to raise the money, or make installment payments throughout the season. $50.00 of the fair share was due at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. Another $50.00 payment will be due at the beginning of band camp to cover music, equipment, drill writing/licensing fees, competition registration fees, and other items we will need to begin the season. Students also must have a pair of marching shoes and the PHS band t-shirt. Both of these items will be reusable from year to year provided the student does not outgrow them.


More information will come from the Pinecrest Band Booster Organization about fundraisers and the equipment ordering process.

Wind instrument players should have a lyre and flip folder for their music in the stands. This is a required part of their gear, and can be purchased from any local music store.

**There will be opportunities for students to raise money towards their fair share through fundraisers. Email Mr. Creech with an email address that we can put on the Band Booster email list to keep you apprised of all the fundraising events throughout the summer and school year**

We are also asking that each parent sign up to volunteer for at least one event during the season. The parent involvement and support will only serve to propel our band to new levels of success. Marching band is a truly special experience and I want to have every one of you involved in the process. Thank you Parents!

Camp Information

Marching band camp is a very fun and exciting time for band students. They get to reunite with old friends, make new friends, and make music together for the first time as a newly formed group. Camp is required for all students who will take part in marching band.

Marching band is a physically demanding activity and will take place outside. During camp our outdoor rehearsals will take place in the morning hours during the cooler part of the day. Students should dress in light-colored and breathable clothing (to keep from overheating) and good tennis shoes. Students MUST!!!! have a water bottle for every rehearsal. Water will be provided, but students must have a bottle.

Band Camp Check List:

– Lyre and flip folder, can be purchased at a music store (band only). Binder with page protectors for drumline.

– Sunscreen

– Hat and sunglasses

– Comfortable tennis shoes; sandals and flip flops are not allowed for marching.

– Water bottle (very important)

– Medical form filled out completely

– Bag lunch

Students will need to bring their own lunch. They WILL NOT be allowed to leave campus to purchase lunch.

Please remember that a position has been written into the marching band show especially for your child, and if they simply do not show up, the rest of the students will suffer because of the hole it will leave. Any change in plan needs to be addressed with Mr. Creech ASAP. I can be reached through email at

I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming year. I am incredibly excited about the potential this band has. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me by email at I thank both the students and parents for making the Pinecrest High School band such a wonderful program. I wish you all a continued refreshing summer, and I will see you soon!


Andrew Creech Director of Bands

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